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Client Testimonials - Opw Lab



Being a psychologist trying to set up my new practice, I had zeroexperience with web design. I had contacted several web designers and was immediately impressed with Opw Lab and how they quickly responded to my questions. What really sold me was that he was willing to spend the time writing long e-mails answering my questions and providing me with education on what things meant and how to think about my web needs. They provided me with tons of education at no cost and it didn't feel like a sales job, but an honest sharing of their expertise in order to empower me to make informed decisions and to help me create the site I needed. They were not only willing to provide me with the education I needed, but was also quick to respond to my requests and was always polite, easy to deal with and cooperative. 

In terms of their work, I could not be more happy with the product. They offered the perfect balance between their own creative input and really listening to my own creative input and together we were able to really produce a website that aligned beautifully with my vision. I truly love my website!

I am being totally sincere in my recommending Opw Lab to anyone who is looking for a really solid web-designer who will give you what you are looking for. I never write testimonials - I am usually not that enthused to do so and really don't have the time to be writing them. But due to my true satisfaction with the job Opw Lab did, it is pleasure to write one and I would recommend them to anyone!!!!

Don't hesitate, give them a call.


Dr. Minwalla



best web design company in Los Angeles

Opw Lab is the best! From the very beginning they were quite friendly, accommodating, and extremely professional. Working with the team has been such a pleasure, and the results speak for themselves because my website went far above and beyond my highest expectations... it looks fabulous! In addition to their incredible technical expertise, the design team at Opw Lab has a passion for creativity at the highest level, not to mention their uncanny intuitive ability to cater their work in such a way that each client is perfectly represented.

I actually looked at a number of designers before choosing Opw Lab, and I must say that I definitely made the right choice! Thanks so much for your wonderful kindness, your extreme professionalism, and your brilliant artistry... you are amazing!

Sage Infinity, recording artist



best web design company in Los Angeles

I knew immeditately when I saw OPW Lab's work that they were a cut above all the others and I didn't need to look further. They just know what it takes to grab an audience with visually stunning web design that wows you. Their professional standards are high and their creative intuitiveness for giving you more than you could have dreamed for is really incredible. The process just flowed and I got a fabulous website

Dr. Kathy J. Forti


Sound For Film

Opw Lab did a great job on our Sound For Film website - these guys are creative, professional and patient! They also delivered for the original quoted price, despite our many revisions to the original concept.  
We would recommend them to anyone interested in creating a top quality website.



best web design company in Los Angeles

When we began this process of creating a website, we looked at web designers all over the country. There were many outstanding web design portfolios, but we kept coming back to OPW LAB. Your body of work simply stood out from and above all the rest. Your clients raved about your work, and now we happily join them. Your talent, taste and judgment have resulted in a website that clearly and creatively reflects who we are and what we do. We are perfectionists (as if you couldn't guess by now) and our collaboration with you has resulted in a product that is beyond our expectations.

Thank you for your patience, your good humor and most of all, your creative genius.

Anita Semjen, Executive Director


best web design company in Los Angeles

I was in desperate need of a new look for my website and was lucky enough to find OPW LAB. I work in the film Industry as a cinematographer and a site that has a great look and works well, all the time is a must. OPW LAB's team delivered in the time promised, with all the quality and style I could only hope for. The designers personal touch made the process that much easier. I have had many compliments on my site, even from complete strangers who have happened to be on the site while shopping the web for cinematographers, which makes for the best kind of testimonial.
I would very highly recommend OPW LAB to my friends, and have many times. Thanks you guys!

Barry Berona


best web design company in Los Angeles

From competitive cost to brilliant web design and excellent support OPW LAB is the company you are looking for; I would recommend them to anyone. They not only designed and delivered a turn-key package for my business in a timely, cost-effective way, but they also maintain my website. They stand behind their work 100%.
OPW LAB had the patience and understanding to help me through a process that could have been painful for me.

Again thanks! I can’t believe I found the best web design company in Los Angeles my first time out! I look forward to a long business relationship with OPW LAB.

Jack Frysztak


It was so wonderful to have worked with OPW LAB. They completely came to the rescue for me!!! After having 5 other website designers fail me, I was going to give up on my website all together!! But they didn’t hesitate in helping me at all. I am so amazed that not only did they create a beautiful website for me, but they did it well within the timeline and budget they quoted me. They truly are above the competition!!


You have done a remarkable job!
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for carrying thru and building this titanic site. You helped us organize Bill's body of work and your creative touch brings it all together effortlessly-- You make it look like it was easy. You are amazing!

Debrah Lemattre

After searching the web a gathering up 10 of the best sites for web designers, OPW LAB quickly moved to the top of the list. Becoming the first one to respond to me with detailed answers to my questions, and ideas. The amount of advice giving was surprising, since all other site just wanted to get my money and make the site, OPW LAB gave me options and recommended other ideas I had not thought of, and gave helpful advice to the management of the site.

While in production, a feeling of your site being in good hands is comforting, and the amount of patience OPW LAB had with my undecided changes was appreciated.
In no short time I new I had made the right choice with OPW LAB. This is most definatly the best web design company I will not be hesitant to send my friends to.

~Matthew Hunt



Thank you guys for the great website design that you have created for us. The Cigar Event is an exciting new product and your creative design and layout for the website has generated lots of interest and compliments. We have generated many leads and looking forward to work with you on future projects.

All the best,

John Marshall
CEO, Marshall Enterprises
www.cigarevent.com - and others


OPW LAB takes the time to explain things so you understand the process of building the website. I was nervous at first because my first two experiences with web designers was mediocre at best. OPW is professional, open to ideas, creative, flexible, reliable and very tech and web savvy. I will continue to use their services for future web design and upgrades.

Janet Van Ham



Thank you very much OPW LAB for the awesome website. I really enjoyed working with you and I am so happy I decided to work with you. After 3 independent web designers stopped returning emails after working on my project for 3 months each, I turned to OPW LAB and had my site done under budget to my spec and lightning fast!! I would not hesitate to recommend OPW LAB for any of the services they offer.

Ryan Powell
Owner/Lead Mastering Engineer
Eternite R.M.D.
(ex) www.eternitermd.com


Thank you OPW LAB for helping us get a great looking website up fast and without any problems. It was a pleasure working with you. We're very proud of our site and people have noticed! We'll be working together again soon.

Red Skeleton


Thank you so much OPW LAB for creating my website! We just launched it and already I  am  getting great responses from my friends and agents. You were very creative with the layouts and considerate to my ideas at the same time and created the best web design for my profile. I am very pleased. I never looked so good online.
Looking forward to working with you again!

Vanessa Kinski
(ex) www.vanessakinski.com



Thank you OPW LAB for your outstanding work on my website, you created the exact web site I had imagined and articulated to you. I am also impressed with your clear communications and deep listening skills. You were on point with meeting the deadlines we agreed on, you continue to respond to my inquiries in a timely manner, not to mention the competitive prices you have.
I have recommended your company to five of my friends and will continue to do so. The feed-back I have been getting is overwhelmingly positive especially the sites easy navigation and clear layout. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my web site looks GREAT.

Bridgette Ramasodi
(ex) www.aidsadvantage.org