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Tools For Website Research

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How fast is your internet connection "really is"?
Broadband Internet Speed - Test the speed of your DSL-internet connection and see what it "really is"
websites google page rank
Google Page Rank (PR) of your site:
Check your (or others) websites for Google Rank (PR)
research marketing campaigns
Research Your Competitors:
Marketing Campaigns and affiliations with other websites. All the info about who they affiliate with, advertising campaigns etc...
websites history
Explore a website's history:
See archived pages of any website, years back and how it has changed over time. Here you can view pages of websites that are not even available on the internet anymore, truly amazing!

Spam compatibility test for newsletters:
90% of the mails send by smaller website owners end up in spam boxes and are never seen! Test your newsletter first, use SpamCheck to keep your E-Mail out of the Junk Folder!
Get the current stats of your website in one field:
• Display PR: display your site Google pagerank
• Display Google info: display indexed pages and backlinks in Google
• Display Yahoo info: display indexed pages and backlinks in Yahoo
• Display Msn info: display indexed pages and backlinks in Msn
• Display Alexa info: display Alexa rank and pages indexed by Alexa
• The counters stats from all days , today and yesterday !


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