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Video Broadcast Yourself - Why you need web Video on your Website

Los Angeles Web Designer - Please update to flash 8.

Video is great, video is "the thing" especially since YouTube.com came into the picture, video saves valuable web space (now also called real estate) and brings your message across like no other media on line!
Video is entertaining and stimulating, it creates curiousness and makes you wonder about "what else could there be"!
You want to create entertainment for your visitors, the last thing visitors want to see (or read) in today's environment is endless pages of HTML text! There is no time for reading, no patience and no curiosity for that anymore, it is old, it has been done for too long and is out of fashion, simply said; its not up to code... which reminds me on keeping things short here and to the point.

A very simple but good example to integrate video into your website is this:
actorsondemand.com, a website that casts actors online and is podcasting to their clientele, replaced the typical "About Us" text with video on their website.

Why is it better you might ask?
Because it's based on Flash, and Flash is included in all modern browsers, so almost everyone has it. You simply convert your video to a Flash format (more on that in a minute), and then you can be fairly confident that the maximum number of people can play it without having to download any additional software.

• It is way more entertaining than just reading plain text.
• It is personalized, you get to see the actual people behind it! From a marketing and social aspect point of view; it bonds! It creates a connection to the visitor that could never be established by text or images.
• It lets you relax for a moment from the usual internet turmoil, after just searching google and reading pages and pages of boring text, now, suddenly...kick back, watch the video, its easy and fun.
• It stimulates you and creates interest to see more of their site because the impression leaves you with an curiosity to see more of the other pages!

All the above is exactly what you need to separate yourself from other website businesses and to establish a uniqueness and identity which sets your profile above average and gives you a "unique identity"!

Visit one of our clients website, see how they did it on their -home- page as well as on their -About Us- page: www.actorsondemand.com

What is the difference between Flash Video and Quicktime or Windows Media Player?
Now, video is not just plain video...Fash video is what you really want! YouTube.com for example is using flash to display their video content, for obvious reasons.

1. It is the fastest loading format currently in the market.
2. It does not require any third party software, other than having flash installed which today, 97.6% of computers worldwide have by default.
3. It has better display features, great picture quality and plays beautifully.
Here are a couple example websites that utilize Flash Video:
www.barryberona.com(Reels Section - Home Page)
www.billburnett.com (Video Section!)

Downside: For web video running on Quicktime and Windows Media Player; you need to install their software first in order to then watch the video, sounds difficult and inconvenient to me!
Upside: Quicktime might have better picture quality if you have very quality sensitive material, which for web video is seldom! Window Media Player: No comment. 

There is also flash drivers for audio content (music, mp3s, etc) or any other audio content you can imagine. To find out more about it click here




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